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Ika is a little romantic fisherman village- one of the many pearls on the Croatian Adriatic coast, near OPATIJA. Peaceful place to recharge your batteries, stroll, hike, eat  local food and enjoy little pebble beaches. And have perfect cappuccino in downtown Ika while watching people. Our favorite pastime!

WONDERFUL 2023 summer is here. 


You are always surrounded by nature with laurel, famous chestnut forests, and  grapevines, as well as pine and oak trees, this is a very special place. The microclimate of the bay, sea-salt aerosols, fresh mountain air, sunshine and aroma of healing laurel bushes is all here!

Take a walk through Ika along the Lungomare coastal promenade and visit this picturesque small town. Take a hike at  the beautiful Park of Nature Ucka mountain (at a height of 1396 m and 17km long)  or take advantage of the many opportunities to do hiking, cycling, mountain biking and rock climbing.

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The sea is deep crystal blue, and beaches that are a combination of pebbles and rocks. Perfect for a long relaxing day sun tanning under the Adriatic sun!

Enjoy the beach side views with local fisherman passing by in their wooden boats. 

Thanks to the rich Mediterranean, subtropical flora and a mild climate that promotes health, a 12 km long promenade was built in late 1800s. The Promenade is 15 km long romantic seaside walk - "Lungomare" in Italian, by the cleanest sea that promotes walking, jogging and strolling.

The nearby towns of Lovran, Ičići and Opatija provide numerous dining, shopping, and entertainment options, including some of the best restaurants in Croatia. The frequent open air entertainment events on restaurant’s terraces, under the sky stage, follow traditions and offer the taste of local culture. 

Enjoy local cuisine, music and make new friends!


Ika treasures its calmness with relaxing beaches that are at your dispense to enjoy.

The great geographical location makes it easy to reach near and major Croatian cities.

The Adratic location preserved its reputation as a winter and summer tourist riviera and health resort from 1888 to nowadays, thanks to its unique micro-climate.  

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